We’ve got a warm welcome waiting for you:

A 100% Poker Welcome Bonus up to $500 as soon as you make your first deposit through the poker cashier!

The larger your deposit, the higher your stack of bonus chips!

For instance, deposit $50 and you’ll get a $50 bonus!

The first $20 of your Poker Welcome Bonus will be granted in $5 chunks each time you earn 40 status points by playing real money poker. The remainder of your bonus will be released into your bankroll in $10 chunks each time you earn 80 status points.

Status points are earned for every game or tournament you play. Earn 2 status points for:

  • every $1 of your contributed rake* at poker cash games
  • every $1 of tournament fee at poker tournaments

You’ll always have the bonus meter at your table to show just how many status points you have and how close you are to releasing your next bonus chunk.

So don’t hesitate, dive into the real action and have a blast with your Poker Welcome Bonus!

*Contributed rake refers to how much rake you are directly responsible for based on how much you contributed to the raked pot relative to the other players at the table. Example: If you bet $25 into a $100 pot (25%) and a $4 rake is taken from the table, you contributed $1 of rake (25%), which earns you 2 status points.

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